The basic design is based on a customized Bootply theme, on top of Bootstrap. Website design and icon customization has been produced by Ontwerpburo Imagen


Font Awesome by Dave Gandy - http://fontawesome.io

Custom icons, bundled in font Inpaqta, have been created using Noun Icons at https://thenounproject.com


Bar Chart by Gregor Črešnar
Bicycle by Roselin Christina.S
Boxing Gloves by Anbileru Adaleru
Brain by Symbolon
Building Block by Mike Rowe
Bullseye by Beau Wingfield, Us
Chart by Gregor Črešnar
Client by Gilbert Bages, Es
Coin by Yeong Rong Kim
Customer Journey Map by Yu Luck
Dancer by Marco Fleseri
Decrease by Gregor Črešnar
Family by Magicon
Family Reunion by Umesh.Vgl
Hammer by Emel Çelik, Tr
Hula Hoop by Luis Prado
Internet of things by Felix Westphal
Nodes by Gregor Črešnar
People by Gregor Črešnar
People by Wilson Joseph
People Pattern by Eliricon
Radar by Chameleon Design
Radar by Evan Shuster
Radar by Theo K.
Radar Chart by Sam Smith
Radar Chart by Yohann Berger
Radar Plot by Danil Polshin
Scrum by Rflor
Shake Hand by Karthik Srinivas, In
Social Network by Kirby Wu
Tornado by Adam Whitcroft
Traffic Light by Jonathan Li
Truck by David
Walking by Vaibhav Radhakrishnan
Wallet by Andrew Forrester


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